2020 MCO Keynote


MCO keynote: Allison Posey, CAST

MCO is pleased to announce this years keynote speaker – Allison Posey, CAST

Allison Posey is an international leader for implementation of Universal Design for Learning. She works at CAST, where she collaborates with researchers and educators to integrate and apply current understandings from brain research into instructional practices so that all students are able to access, integrate and become expert learners. Prior to coming to CAST, Allison was a life science teacher in high school and community college settings -and she currently teaches courses at Lasell University. She received a degree in Mind, Brain, and Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education and is author of Engage the Brain: How to design for learning that taps into the power of emotions (ASCD, 2018) and Unlearning: Change your beliefs and practice with UDL (CAST Publishing, 2020).

For more information about CAST, please check its official website below:


  • aposey@cast.org
  • @AllisonAPosey

    Keynote Presentation Overview 


    Title: Emotions, Learning, and the Brain

    Description: Research on the brain shows three compelling findings: (1) emotion is essential for learning – you cannot learn without emotion, (2) our brains are as unique as our fingerprints – no two brains are the same, and (3) the brain is incredibly interconnected – there are not isolated learning styles. These findings are critical to understand as we seek to design learning experiences in online and hybrid courses that meet the needs of every student. How can educators in higher education apply what we know about the brain to build connected communities in a range of learning contexts – and still engage students in rigorous learning opportunities?

    In this keynote, we will discuss recent findings related to learning, emotions, and the brain. We will discuss strategies, including Universal Design for Learning (UDL), that can make a real difference for ensuring all students have opportunity to engage in meaningful, challenging learning experiences. In addition, we will brainstorm first steps to take to integrate these strategies into our routines and practices. We will reflect on how the design of learning environments can support and value the full range of emotions and deepen the learning opportunities for every individual. 

    To View Allison Posey’s Keynote Presentation Slides, Click Here